So… I’ve got Jekyll working, and I’ve got my GitHub page up and running. It’s not much, but it’s a start.

My site’s still using the default theme for now; I’m too stubborn and insist on making my own from scratch, rather than starting from a base theme like a sane human being would.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been working on becoming more active in joining hackathons. I participated in Static Showdown last weekend – it was my first hackathon. I used the weekend to tinker with Polymer for the first time. Wound up making QuackExchange.. or, a proof-of-concept for it, anyway. I have much more in store for it. There’s only so much a newbie can do in a weekend.

I’ve heard about two more digital hackathons that are coming up soon: JS1k and The Great Escape. I’m definitely going to participate in JS1k, and will also join The Great Escape if time allows.

So much to do! I look forward to seeing where this all takes me. :tada: