Today I went to the 2015 Penn IT Staff Convention.

My first session of the day was “Software Quality Assurance for Testers and Non-Testers”. It was a nice opportunity to learn about formal QA testing procedures.

My next session was a talk by Bill Cheswick (aka “Ches”): “Security: I Think We Can Win!”. Really cool talk!

After that, I went to a double-presentation: “Building Web Apps With Both Business Logic and Design in Mind”. It was two talks rolled into one, the first being about business logic and structure, and the next being about design fundamentals.

My final session was “IT Olympics”. They had a set of “sports” for everyone to compete in, from racing to pull apart and reassemble a computer, to battling in computer history trivia. They even had 3D printed medals. I won a silver medal in the typing races (I typed 88 words per minute in the practice round, and 105wpm & 85wpm in the actual races). I also got an honorable mention in the programming languages quiz.

It was a fun day! I look forward to next year’s convention. Hopefully I’ll be less shy next time around. :blush: