It has been a while since I’ve touched this site. One year, to be exact. I’ve learned a lot since then. Returning to update this site makes how much I’ve grown very tangible to me.

When I started building these pages, I was quite new to using Git. I had experience with other version control systems (CVS and SVN), but had used Git very little. I used GitHub Desktop to version this site and push it into GitHub; it provides a friendly GUI that makes viewing diffs and pushing to a repository a button-click away.

Since then, Git and I have become intimate pals. I use it every single day. Coming back to this site, I reflexively started using Git through the command line, only to remember that’s not how I had left off. I opened GitHub Desktop for old times sake, to find myself quite underwhelmed. How things have changed!

It feels good to look back and see what I’ve grown out of.